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Dekora Natur 6 Grey Stones Classic Vinyl Peelable Wallpaper (Covers 57 sq. ft.)

Dekora Natur 6 Grey Stones Classic Vinyl Peelable Wallpaper (Covers 57 sq. ft.)

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The sixth edition of the popular Dekora Natur collection is realistic, young, modern and distinctive, brimming with striking natural patterns and colourful printed motifs. The multifaceted mix of natural timber, stone and floral designs and the decorative motifs with their exciting surface textures inspire innovative lifestyle ideas. The collection features eight themes: Jungle Fever, Free Style, Woodland, The Gardener, Indy, Campfire on Ice, Hollywood and Circus, ranging from understated simplicity to conspicuous colours. It has the perfect wallcovering for every taste and interior style. The natural charm of Dekora Natur 6 is a sheer visual delight.

Extremely high quality wallpaper by AS CREATION reation is of perfect quality, made using only finest materials and excellent manufacturing practices, making this wallpaper long lasting, waterproof and removable (with wallpaper prep-coat primer)
Priced by 1-roll wallpaper 21 in. (W) x 33 ft. (H) = 57 sq. ft. / 5.36 sq. meters this wallpaper is not prepasted please apply wallpaper paste
Made of breathable material this solid wallpaper is made of breathable material that eliminates any health or environmental concerns special blend of natural materials makes nonwoven wallpapers washable and easy to clean
Brings exciting new look to the walls wallpaper by AS CREATION brings color, character and stylish detail to a room with exciting new look for your walls great for DIY projects since the wallpaper is just so easy to install and remove
Easier to handle due to its tear resistant properties, making it very easy to place on the walls

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