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10 in. Braided Money Tree Black Plastic Grower Pot

10 in. Braided Money Tree Black Plastic Grower Pot

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Looking for an easy-care indoor plant to enjoy? This Money Tree plant from Arcadia Garden Products arrives with minimal care requirements. Count on success if moderate light is available and overwatering does not occur. Also called Pachira, the Money Tree is keenly appreciated as an instant decor item for the home or office. Many people select Money Tree plants to give as gifts for meaningful occasions. A widely followed belief asserting that positive energy is created by the Money Tree encourages people to prepare for impending good luck. Including the container, the height of this plant ranges from 36 to 48 in. It arrives in a 10 in. plastic grow pot that can easily be placed inside an embellished container to complement your interior plant collection. The Money Tree is nursery-grown and ships from Central Florida.

Money Tree is an easy-care houseplant
Brings good fortune to any household
Moderate light and water is all it needs
Can grow 8 ft. tall and 2 ft. W
Arrives in 10 in. plastic grow pot, ready to be inserted into decorative container if desired
3 sizes to choose from in a grower pot

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