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4-1/2 in. Tornado Lucky Bamboo Stump Khaki Ceramic Planter

4-1/2 in. Tornado Lucky Bamboo Stump Khaki Ceramic Planter

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Share positive energy, enthusiasm and worthy wishes for wealth with this Tornado Lucky Bamboo. Abundant with Lucky Bamboo stalks, this plant is highly significant and will surely bring much joy. Contained in a stylish pot, the gathered Lucky Bamboo stalks rise confidently from the water and supporting pebbles. Ideal for home or office decor, it will brighten any space. Care requirements are minimal where bright-to-moderate light is available. There is no soil needed as water and pebbles provide the adequate environment for root growth. Turn a brown thumb green with this easy-care, positive-energy plant. Make it the star of your indoor plant collection or share the luck and send as a gift.

Lucky bamboo brings good fortune
Easy to grow with low maintenance requirements
Rooted in water supported by surrounding pebbles
Bright to medium light needed
Plants range from 13 in. to 16 in. H, including container
More then 20 stalks directed and secured to indicate motion and energy
3 pot colors to choose from
Harmful to animals

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