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Pong Pub Table

Pong Pub Table

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Grab some friends, pour some drinks and gather 'round. It's time for endless throw back fun with the Pong4 Player Pub Table from Arcade1Up Bringing you retro gaming experiences in a stylish home form factor, Arcade1Upgaming tables are must-haves for your home bar, game cave or a welcome distraction in the office. This retro Pong4 Player Pub Table plays great, look great and will be an instant conversation piece. And yep, it has a clear cover top, to protect from those accidental spills. What games are included 8 Atari classics that ushered in the video game era: Pong, Quadra Pong, Pong Doubles, Warlords, Pong Sports, Circus Atari, Tempest and Super Breakout. Switch up games anytime you'd like. Table for 4 Here it is, the best table in the house.

4 player stand up action
Multiple games included
Pub style cabinet
117 in. color LCD screen

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