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Star Wars Digital Pinball II

Star Wars Digital Pinball II

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Arcade1Up's Digital Pinball is here. Complete your at-home arcade with your very own 3/4 scale Star Wars digital pinball machine. Tastemakers LLC is working closely with Disney and Zen Studios to ensure fans receive a product that looks and plays great with thrilling Star Wars storytelling and an authentic pinball experience. The hybrid of nostalgic, iconic titles you know and love in conjunction with an authentic, affordable, at-home solution is the foundation of Tastemakers' venture into the world of digital pinball with its new partners. An entire squadron of blockbuster Star Wars digital pinball games are preparing to launch, allowing fans to engage in 10 epic Star Wars titles All-In-One convenient place. These titles will feature excitement from the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as featured titles from the modern released trilogy. Zen Studios, known for developing the most iconic digital pinball games to date, brings an extensive range of knowledge and game selection of both retro and modern games.

23.8 in. LCD playfield
7.5 in. LCD score screen
Real working plunger
Haptic touch flippers with real feel flipper feedback
2 playfield knockers
Real feel tilt and nudge
Light up back glass
Adjustable metal legs
Dual speakers with metal grills
Adjustable variable volume
Game settings menu

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