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Universal PW Gun Replacement Kit for AR Power Washers

Universal PW Gun Replacement Kit for AR Power Washers

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The PW909100K Trigger Gun Kit?is the ultimate package to couple with your Blue Clean pressure washer. Clean with confidence and tackle any tough job with the easy squeeze trigger gun with fully integrated trigger, allowing you to clean for longer without any pain or fatigue. Choose the right spray pattern for your job with this package by using the Vari-Spray Lance, letting you control your spray angle simply by twisting the built-in nozzle at the end of the lance. When you need more concentrated power for your job all you need to do is easily connect via bayonet connection your Turbo Nozzle Lance, offering you more concentrated pressure. Tackle extra dirty jobs and clean away tough grime with confidence with our 25 ounce bayonet connected foam cannon included in this kit. This kit also includes a 25' super soft high pressure hose with M22 connections, as well as a garden hose & trigger gun transfer adapter. Make your life and cleaning easier with the PW909100K Trigger Gun Kit, and spend more time relaxing rather then cleaning.

Excellent for electric, cold water pressure washers. Not usable for gas powered pressure washers.
Easy Squeeze Trigger Gun: Built with a fully integrated trigger, this gun offers an easy squeeze trigger which maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue over long cleaning sessions.
300 Series Connection: The easy squeeze trigger gun is constructed with an easy 300 series plug connection.
25' Hose: This 25-foot hose is extremely flexible and forgiving, combined with a max psi rating of 2900, and a max temperature rating of 140¨H.
Vari-Spray Lance: Maximize versatility with ease, by simply adjusting the nozzle located at the end of the lance to your desired spray angle.
Turbo Lance: A High pressure, oscillating jet of water is released while using the turbo lance, making this the ideal attachment for daunting cleaning jobs over smaller surfaces.
Foam Cannon: Cut through dirt and grime with ease using the 25-ounce bayonet connection foam cannon. Simply twist on your foam cannon to the end of your bayonet capable spray gun, and start cleaning.
Transfer Adapters: This kit includes an M22 to 300 series connection, this adapter allows you to attach most M22 capable hoses to the trigger gun's 300 series fasten. This bundle also features a garden hose transfer adapter.

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